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Sometimes you want to talk to someone about your experiences, your thoughts, your life, about the questions that arise in it or you just need to clear your head. Sometimes it is very helpful to have a talk with someone outside of your personal circle, that can help you unravel your thoughts, get something off your chest or help you find some answers for yourself.

- We are here for you -

You can make an appointment in our online calendar. Your appointment will be made with Iris or Mari毛lla. If there are no options for you in the calendar, please contact us personally to see what we can arrange.

All Ears @HAN

Starting from September 2023 onwards, we will be hosting an All Ears Walk In at the Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), at their location in Arnhem. We will be there every Thursday between 11:30 and 1:30. You can find us at the Silentium of Ruitenberglaan 31 (in the back of the cafeteria).

You can make an appointment for this All Ears Walk In or you can just come by and see if we have a spot.

The appointments will be half an hour. If we feel like we need more time, we can always make another appointment!

Grief Counseling

In November we are starting with a new Grief Counseling group.

Losing a loved one can have an enormous impact on your life. It can feel like your whole world is collapsing and can be very overwhelming. While this may get a bit better with time, you can still feel the loss with you. A group where you鈥檒l talk about these experiences with other students that have also experienced the same, can help and give you some support.

The group will be small, 5-8 students. We will meet six times in which you鈥檒l get enough time to share your experiences and listen to others. Listening to each other may help with recognizing what is happening inside of your heart and mind. No thought or question is weird, every story is welcome. We鈥檒l make a safe space for you to share.

The group will be hosted by counselors Iris and Mari毛lla.

When? November 23th, December 7th. December 21st, January 18th, February 1st + a coming back meeting that we will plan together. We鈥檒l meet from 3pm to 5pm. If you are interested, but not able to attend these days, please contact us.

Who are we?
Arnhem Student Point is an organization dedicated to both Dutch and international students in and around Arnhem, by facilitating a wide range of activities: think theme nights on questions of meaning, creative workshops but also game nights. Every other week we have a communal dinner, and taste meals from different cultures. For group discussions and activities, as well as individual conversations, you have come to the right place.

Is this for me?
This group is open for every student, regardless of background or view on life. This group is for you if you want to share and want to listen to others, if you feel like you want to get some support in your process or if you want to get some grip on what is happening in yourself.

What happens after filling in the form?
After filling in the form, we contact you to make an appointment to get to know each other before we start. That way, you can tell us a bit about your situation and why you signed up, and we can exchange expectations.

Who are hosting this?
Iris is a spiritual counselor at ASP and has supported a lot of students in their processes around life questions and grief. Mari毛lla is a spiritual counselor in her last year of university. Both are equipped with enough baggage to support you and be there for you in this group.

What do I have to do?
After our initial interview (which will take place next week or the week after), we will expect you to join all the scheduled groupmeetings. Outside of the meetings, there are some small things you can prepare in advance for the next meeting.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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