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Tuesday evenings

Every Tuesday evening, we host an activity where you can meet other students, get connected, learn and eat something and have fun. We host all kinds of activities, like workshops, board games and cultural nights. Every other week we’ll host a free dinner! There are lots of international students from all the universities in Arnhem, so it is a great change to broaden your horizon and meet new people. All activities are free of charge and we’ll only ask you to sign up for certain events. Keep posted on our Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) for our planning!

Walk In

Every week we host a Walk In. This is a 2-hour period in which you can walk in and have a chat with one counselor working at ASP. Sometimes there are also other students with whom you can talk. We’ll provide coffee, tea and cookies. You can just walk in if you want some company, feel like talking about anything or if you have specific things you want to share. We’ll provide a safe space to talk about your thoughts and feelings and we are here for you if you need us. Normally the Walk In is hosted on Monday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. We might change this according to our schedules, so keep an eye out on the Instagram stories or on the messages in the Whatsapp groups and you will be up to date on the Walk In!

Talks and walks

We host regular walks where you can discover Arnhem and at the same time meet other students. Besides our own walks, we created a platform in which you can host your own walks and ask people to join them! Join the whatsapp group to keep updated on all the walks!

Silent walks

Regularly we host a walk in silence!

The Silent walk is a walk in which you don't have to do anything, don’t have to be somebody, don't have to say anything and don't have to listen to anything. Walk with us in silence and experience how nice it is to not have to do anything for a while, to just be present and walk. Feel what it's like not to be in a hurry and to be quiet for a while.

Walking in nature has a de-stressing effect and the silence can ensure that you finally have time to think and to reflect on the things that are going on in your life. The walk can provide new insights and peace of mind.

We walk in a group, but you are also free to take a walk yourself from the starting point. After an hour, at the end of the walk there is an opportunity to talk about your experience. You don't have to participate in this and you can just leave at the end of the walk - no explanation needed ;).

Start the weekend with us in a calming, meaningful and de-stressing way. Hopefully afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend even more!

Individual talks

Sometimes you want to talk to someone about your experiences, your thoughts, your life, about the questions that arise in it or you just need to clear your head. Sometimes it is very helpful to have a talk with someone outside of your personal circle, that can help you unravel your thoughts, get something off your chest or help you find some answers for yourself

- We are here for you -

Check our more on these talks by going to our dedicated page, called ‘all ears’.

Buddy projects

Right now we are not hosting any buddy projects. However, the ones we hosted were amazing, so if you have any ideas or any need for a buddy project, please let us know!

Working with us?

We work together with a lot of organizations in and around Arnhem to provide meaningful and inspiring activities for students. Do you want to work with us towards building such an activity or event? Please feel free to contact us and discuss!