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Tuesday evenings

Every Tuesday evening, we organize an activity where you can meet other students, learn something, eat something and have fun. We organize all kinds of activities, like workshops, board games, cultural nights. Every other week we’ll host a free dinner! There are lots of international students from all the universities in Arnhem, so it is a great change to broaden your horizon and meet new people. All activities are free of charge and we’ll only ask you to sign up for certain events. Keep posted on our Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) for our planning!

Sharing Circle

In the Sharing Circle you can share whatever is on your mind. We will listen, we will connect and we will be there for you. Are you having a hard time? Do you need someone to listen to you? Do you want to get something of your chest? Feel welcome to come and join our Sharing Circle.

Everyone and all stories are welcome. We only ask you to be respectful for others in the Sharing Circle and to give each other space and room to tell.

The Sharing Circle is a safe space where you are not alone and where we can talk about anything. Sharing often makes things easier to bear. Let us help you in carrying your load for a short time.

Often, the sharing circles are connected to a theme workshop during our Tuesday activities. Check out our Instagram for when the next Sharing Circle will take place!

Talks and walks

We host regular walks where you can discover Arnhem and at the same time meet other students. Besides our own walks, we created a platform in which you can host your own walks and ask people to join them! Join the whatsapp group to keep updated on all the walks!

Silent walks

Every last Saturday of the month, we will organize a walk in silence! We will start with the walk at 10:00 AM and meet in Sonsbeek park. Yes, this is early on Saturday, but it allows you to start the weekend relaxed, energetic and mindful while you still have the whole day in front of you!

The Silent walk is a walk in which you don't have to do anything, be nobody, don't have to say anything and don't have to listen to anything. Walk with us in silence and experience how nice it is to not have to do anything for a while, to just be present and walk. Feel what it's like not to be in a hurry and to be quiet for a while.

Walking in nature has a de-stressing effect and the silence can ensure that you finally have time to think and to reflect on the things that are going on in your life. The walk can provide new insights and peace of mind.

We walk in a group, but you are also free to take a walk yourself from the starting point. After an hour, at the end of the walk there is an opportunity to talk about your experience. You don't have to participate in this and you can just leave at the end of the walk - no explanation needed ;).

Enter the weekend with us in a calming, meaningful and de-stressed way. So you can enjoy your weekend even more!

Buddy Project

In the previous three years we have connected more than 750 students together! All these students got to meet new friends, took walks, connected and found new ways to get out of the house during the pandemic. Every time it was a really big success!

These projects are meant to give you the opportunity to meet with someone you don't know. We do our best to connect you together, but the way you make contact is up to you. Check out our Instagram for when the next Buddy Project will take place!

Individual talks

Sometimes you want to talk to someone about your experiences, your thoughts, your life, about the questions that arise in it or you just need to clear your head. Sometimes it is very helpful to have a talk with someone outside of your personal circle, that can help you unravel your thoughts, get something off your chest or help you find some answers for yourself

- We are here for you -

Check our more on these talks by going to our dedicated page, called ‘all ears’.