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Foundation ASP

Arnhem Student Point is a foundation since 1987 which consists of a board, two student pastors and supporting students. We want to achieve personal development and enable students to clarify their purpose in life. We make a point of being open to different ideas and lifestyles. We’re a meeting point for students of different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. As a community, we explore social and personal themes and questions that free your mind and might redefine everyday life. A deeper sense of life is what we are after. We would love to hear what inspires you, what motivates you. We are open for what makes you cry and for what makes you laugh.

Sounds good? This is the place for you to be. Every student is welcome to join in activities or to take initiatives that ASP will support. It’s free and you are invited!

The board of ASP

The ASP Foundation Board holds members and students from a diversity of backgrounds from local churches, ArtEZ, Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen and Van Hall Larenstein.

Members of the board are:
Miriam Zwaan (Chair, HAN)
Ilona Baltussen (Treasurer, ArtEZ)
Judith van de Looij (Secretary, Board member, HAN)
Marleen Brouwer (Board member, HAN)

You can reach the board through:

Call: we are always looking for new board members! We are especially looking for an experienced paymaster, people with religious backgrounds/working places and a student member. If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact the chairwoman Miriam Zwaan (